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Thyroxine: description and norm in the body

The hormone thyroxine - the most important substances produced by the thyroid gland. The hormone is involved in all the body's vital processes. Its main task - the regulation of metabolism and promote growth and development.
Description and norm
The hormone thyroxine is able to influence on blood pressure, heart rate, mental activity of man, his mobility and vitality. Mental activity and metabolism are also largely depend on this hormone. Thyroxine stimulates the CNS (central nervous system), makes the production of vitamin A in the liver, reduces the amount of cholesterol. Also, the hormone controls egg ovulation in women.
The rate of thyroxine in the body depends largely on age and gender. Children (5-10 years) the rate of the following hormones: 83-172 nmol / l. A normal amount of hormone in healthy adult males - 59-135 nmol / L in women - 71-142 nmol / l. Pregnant women indicators can be increased.
Thyroxine and food
To increase levels of the hormone thyroxine is necessary to eat foods that are rich in iodine. The list includes seaweed, dairy products, eggs, seafood (especially shrimp and oysters), mineral water. From meat - beef and pork. Fruits: apples (with seeds), persimmon and pineapple guava. As a condiment - iodized salt. Experts also recommend a diet diversify cucumbers, tomatoes, lettuce, spinach and celery. The recommended use of fish oil (available at the pharmacy, a day - one spoon of the drug) as adjunctive therapy.
Deviation from the norm in the first place speaks about the problems with the thyroid gland. With a shortage of the hormone may develop hypothyroidism (a disease which is caused by low content of thyroid hormones in the body). the patient's skin starts to peel off, it becomes tightened and dry. Hair and nails are broken, the face swells, a person becomes sluggish, gets tired faster than usual. When trying to conceive a child has problems. All symptoms are accompanied by a set of extra weight.
Too much of the hormone content accelerates metabolism, weight drops, diarrhea begins, there sweating, stress, depression and nervosa. Develops Basedow's disease (increased thyroid function, its increase in size). The body begins to display useful elements, without having to absorb them.
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