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The amazing story of Roca brothers

"We wanted to create a place,
 where traditional Spanish dishes
 coexist with modern technology
and fashion trends of French cuisine "
Restaurateurs and innovators!
Joan, Josep and Jordi - brothers and chefs. Each of them is a master of his craft. Joan - magician chef, Josep - a professional sommelier and maitre d ', Jordi - wizard pastry chef.
Their restaurant «Celler de Can Roca» - one of the leaders of the rankings. Despite the fact that in the state of 70, Joan Roca constantly personally supervises the preparation of many dishes. That he is still in the 90s of the last century has mastered cooking at low temperatures and invented many interesting techniques that are used in cooking today. One of its D - a device formed in any capacity "water bath" at a constant temperature.
History of success
Psychologists say that "everything comes from my childhood," the brothers swirled in the kitchen at an early age. Boys favorite place was a restaurant of their parents «Can Roca». Future brilliant chef, Joan, 11 years learning to cook, helping my mother and grandmother. Josep, from childhood loved to go for the wines in the cellar, has become a unique "sommelier". Love for cooking soon awakened and Jordi,
His two older brothers restaurant opened in 1985, but so far it was only an extension to the institution that manages their parents. In 1997 he graduated from junior high school and Jordi organically joined the family business as a confectioner. The magic of his desserts, with aromas of perfume and delicate caramel forms, constantly surprises and delights guests of the restaurant.
Only 2007 Roca brothers built their own restaurant for 45 guests. Interesting places and designing of the landscape. The basis of all - the magic number for Doom 3 (as the three brothers). The main hall has the shape of a triangle, on the territory there are 3 gardens, and all the tables are decorated with three stones. Each table serving 3 people, and the hotel offers 3 options menu. Logo restaurant - the Latin letter «R», to crown legs.
Fairy dishes
Catalan tradition, complemented by innovative creative ideas Roca brothers brought incredible popularity. Molecular gastronomy, an unusual presentation of the dishes and household names attracted to the restaurant guests from all over the world. Some dishes are particularly worth noting.
«Caramelized Olive» - olives in caramel filed a Japanese bonsai tree. Within each anchovy olives.
«Lancome's Tresor» - an incredible combination of vanilla, pepper, cinnamon, apricots and lilies.
«Truffled brioche with pot au feu broth» - c liquid brioche stuffed with truffles, it is served soup, prepared on the basis of the classic Catalan meat stew with vegetables.
«Cherries with fatty tuna and ginger» - a cold soup made from cherries, ginger ice cream, yogurt, cherry sorbet of cherries, cherry ifuzirovannaya tuna flavor, ginger foam, mojama petals - dried and salted tuna and fresh cube.
«Charcoal-grilled king prawn» - king prawns from Palamos, lightly grilled, lying on velouté sauce seafood near the strip of concentrated sauce from shrimp heads, thickened in Rotaval-e and the "sand" of shrimp oil, maltodextrin, and salt. It laid out a meringue of nori, seaweed, sprouts samphire, air 'stones' of the ink of squid and shrimp tentacles.
Achievements Rock
• Restaurant talented brothers «Celler de Can Roca» earned 3 Michelin stars.
• Brothers Rock valid doctor University of Girona, they are constantly involved in the culinary programs from Harvard.
• Rock restaurant not once mentioned in a popular TV game show Britain 'MasterShef: professionals
• Restaurateurs published a personal perfume «Nuvol de Ilimona».
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