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Haute cuisine.

What is the "haute cuisine"? "It delights upmarket restaurants" - said one. "This is the best traditions of France and Italy", - said the other. "The highest art" - tell others. And everyone will be in its own right.
That France is considered to be the benchmark in this delicate matter. French chefs for many centuries to prove that they have no equal in the culinary arts, and, admittedly, it is, in the end failed.
Haute cuisine created not to saturate, and for enjoyment. Main purpose: to please the soul and not to satisfy your hunger. Here every detail is important! Only by observing all the details will allow you to experience the true aesthetic pleasure.
The principles of haute cuisine.
Exotic. Haute cuisine delicacies is composed of ingredients, unusual and exotic. Imagination and daring experiments in creating dishes are welcome. That there is the use of all of the same French frogs, snails and oysters. Though do not be fooled and think that it is their everyday food!
Feed. Proper food supply - an important component. More servings do not belong here. Delicacy served in small pieces and leaves a feeling of lightness and freshness rather than gravity. The gourmet restaurant is usually offered a set of 8-10 dishes. Portions with less familiar. This is done so as not to clog the receptors with one flavor, thereby blunting their work. Moreover, it is a great opportunity for the restaurant to demonstrate a set of their hits, so that visitors can appreciate the skill of the chef.
Wine accompaniment. It is difficult to imagine a dinner in a luxury restaurant without a good wine. To his choice should be approached responsibly, therefore, as a rule, are engaged in ad hoc experts. Wine is designed to emphasize the subtle taste of the food. An important role is played by acidity and tannins. Choose the right drink - a science. For some dishes are well suited young wines, and some varieties of fish, contrary to popular opinion, good and red. It is important to catch the flavor balance.
Culture. Understand and accept the principles and laws of haute cuisine is able not everyone. But to this worthwhile endeavor. Find a good chef can surprise you with their talents, not only in Europe. In Russia, too, has a brilliant chefs, proving that this art accessible to all peoples and countries. It would be a desire, and Michelin stars do not keep you waiting.
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