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Recommendations that will help to pass an interview successfully

Once an employer finds your resume on our site, it is likely that he is interested and will invite you for an interview. It should be noted that the interview - this is very important for employment, so it is desirable to prepare thoroughly. In itself, the interview - a stressful situation, which often confuses even people with extensive experience of such an interview. But my recommendations will help you prepare for the interview and pass it successfully. The very first contact with a potential employer - a phone conversation, so at this point it is imperative that you have the impression was positive. During the first call, you must specify the proposed post and ask basic questions. If this position - not quite what you need, you must immediately report it, and refuse to be interviewed, because wasting precious time on a meeting that has no prospects, unwise. If the vacancy you are satisfied, then verify the following information: company name, address, appointments, time and phone number. So, the interview is scheduled, now is the time to start preparing for this difficult event. Be prepared to provide all the necessary documents to not collect them later in a hurry. Prepare answers to standard questions that can be made ​​during this conversation. What might be the questions in the interview: Why have you left the previous job? What payment was in last place? Total work experience? What is more important to you: the money, the staff, the experience? The last three places of work? What attracted you to work for our company? Why our company needs you, that you can offer us as an employee? List your most striking advantages and disadvantages; What are your greatest professional achievement and failure. Remember that the questions during the interview should be answered as honestly. Refrain from negative comments toward his former colleagues and employers try to limit the neutral phrase: limited professional growth, inconvenient schedule, and so on. Beforehand, make a list of questions that will help you learn the necessary details for future work. In addition, the interview plays an important role either appearance. Clothing should fit the post, and I think it is not necessary to say that the neat and tidy, as well as attention to detail is essential. Now let's talk, what it is proper interview. To demonstrate its punctuality, you must completely eliminate the delay, the best to come to the meeting early. If you have an unexpected situation or did you decide not to attend the interview, without fail, notify the person and apologize for the violation of his plans. At the meeting, say hello, and try to keep a sense of goodwill in all circumstances. It is useful to turn off the cell phone, not to be distracted from the job interview. In conversation, try to look him in the eye, listen carefully to each question. Speak confidently, trying to avoid one word answers, but are not allowed in many arguments - Your answer should be concise and specific. And do not forget to smile - with the right mindset your interlocutor will close their eyes to the many possible mistakes. Regardless of the outcome of the interview, at its end do not forget to thank you for the opportunity.
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