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About the dangers and benefits of peanuts.

Despite the fact that the plant is considered tropical and comes to us from Brazil, it is now grown in the Ukraine, as well as many countries in Europe. Growing in the ground peanuts and belongs to the legume family. Harm and benefits of peanuts, should consider this issue in more detail.
Peanut, what its health benefits:
- Because of the fat content of a few nuts can give vitality and energy during the day at work or in training;
- It helps with arthritis and arthrosis;
- It contains valuable proteins and because many vegetarians fully replace meat;
- Proteins in peanuts promote the growth of muscle tissue, because it is used athletes;
- Due to the high content of selenium can withstand viral diseases and even cancer (if combined with vitamins A and D);
- Used in nutrition in diseases of the gastrointestinal tract;
- The product is used for weight loss, it has acid, to prevent the deposition of cholesterol on the walls of blood vessels and replacing most of the harmful fats.
Peanut slimming
Slimming peanuts should be used only in combination with vegetables. Still it is necessary to take into account that decrease in appetite occurs only after consuming nuts 7-8 and 2-3 pieces, on the contrary, stimulate it.
It is believed that peanut rejuvenates, since it has folic acid, preventing the aging of cells.
In considering the benefits and harms of peanuts, we can not touch the issue of its high caloric content. In 100 grams of nuts contains 500 calories - that's quite a lot. Human health in the whole of the day need about 1600-2300 calories, so do not overdo it with the use of peanuts.
Peanut butter
We should also consider the beneficial properties of peanut butter. It has been used in many areas: in medicine, cooking, cosmetology, they also filled in a salad or used in place of sunflower. The oil is used for massage, moisturize the skin, giving it elasticity. In medicine, it is recommended to eat inside with depression and fatigue, liver, cardiovascular system.
Truth or lies about genetically modified peanuts
In a market economy every manufacturer wants to reduce the cost to get profit. Because many valuable legumes modified by genetic modification. Is no exception and soybeans, and peanuts, but it all depends on the technology of cultivation.
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