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Hormones in the body.

The influence of hormones on the body
We will not dive into the issue of what is a hormone, but consider their influence. Hormones in the body.
Physiological action of hormones necessary for:
1. maintain the stability and integrity of the whole system;
2. Harmony in the interaction between cells;
3. regulation of reproductive processes and the processes of growth and maturation;
4. regulation of passing through the blood.
If the body balance is kept active glands that produce hormones, tissues, and for which the action is directed most of these hormones, as well as the condition of the nervous system, then nothing to worry about. However, even small variations in one of the components of this circuit may disrupt the entire system, and as a result, to severe disease.
Hormonal disorders can arise due to:
• Lack of hormones;
• Excess hormones;
• Development of abnormal hormone;
• an unusual reaction to hormones.
Such deviations occur more often in the presence of bad habits and poor nutrition. Also affect the hormones can inactive lifestyle, stress, lack of sleep and hormonal drugs.
Types of hormones in food and their effects on weight
Let us consider two main hormones in the body, the presence and amount of which may be controlled by using the power. This group includes:
1. Insulin;
2. Leptin;
Insulin (also called protein hormone) in our body is produced directly in the pancreas. This hormone is directly responsible for the inventory level of energy performance of glucose in the body, as well as reproductive function. In particular, it removes excess glucose from the blood, sending her "deposited".
Problems with insulin begin at an inactive way of life, as well as excessive consumption of carbohydrates, which, in fact, stimulate the production of insulin. When elevated levels of insulin blocks the body's ability to burn fat, ie to generate energy is preferentially used glucose, meanwhile, as the synthesis of fatty acids is increased.
Leptin keeps the body energy balance. Simply put, this hormone allows the body to analyze how much fat in reserve, and whether you want it to accumulate. Elevated levels of leptin metabolism slows down the process, not the best way affects not only health, but also on the weight.
Normalization of hormonal levels by diet
Hormones in the body are able to change our general condition and health. By reducing estrogen helps perfect products, such as soy, pine nuts, wild rose, mint and lemon balm.
With a lack of thyroid hormone is recommended to eat foods rich in iodine, such as fish or seaweed, but that is not enough - should also be included in the diet of trace element selenium, which contained seafood, nuts, wheat flour, heart, liver and kidneys.
Poor skin condition, low memory and concentration indicates a lack of the hormone produced by the adrenal cortex. To restore the optimum level recommended products containing a chrome meat, broccoli, nuts, mushrooms and brewer's yeast.
With regular insomnia should take care levels of the hormone melatonin. It will help restore the inclusion in the diet of meat, poultry, dairy products and egg whites.
To hormonal disruptions did not arise, must be carefully controlled diet, because your body simply is not able to be healthy without a proper meal. Also do not forget that a healthy lifestyle and avoiding harmful habits play an important role in the process of normalization of hormone levels.
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