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What's the stereotype of the chef?

In the traditional view of the chef sees obese man who had difficulty walking to the kitchen. However, this idea can be confidently called obsolete. This chef has to be in shape and look much better than in other occupations. This is for many reasons. First of all, overweight indicates serious health problems. Perhaps people with overweight with diabetes or has disease of the endocrine system. In any case, not every employer wants to cooperate with an unhealthy worker. Cook, being a specialist in the field of healthy eating can not be overweight. Obesity is the chef points out that he does not know the basic rules of healthy cooking even to himself. Why, in that case, he will be able to properly feed their clients? Kitchen workers can not be overweight and for another reason. Extra pounds impede movement, make a person uncomfortable and sluggishness. Being a long time in a high temperature, as is the kitchen, the chef overweight runs the risk of heart attack or stroke. Obesity will prevent him from working. Malo, who asks: why the chef is so much to eat? For many, it is quite natural. Kitchen workers are constantly surrounded by a vast amount of delicious food, which often becomes a real temptation. In addition, the chefs are obliged to try everything they cook. And it is necessary to do more than once a day. As a result, the stomach is stretched, and the person can not be satisfied with a small portion. Overeating may be due to the lack of leptin in the body - the hormone saturation. People with a lack of leptin may have virtually around the clock, and not feel full. Perhaps one of the first stereotype of what a real kitchen worker must be fat, broke Gordon Ramsay. British chef famous not only for the gastronomic, but also the writer's career. Ramsey is the author of several international bestsellers and party popular television shows. His name among the most controversial celebrities, not only because of its extravagant behavior, but because of his unconventional approach to the gastronomic art and image of the ideal chef. According to Gordon Ramsay, so as not to gain too much weight, you need to stick to Chinese philosophy. Each person must be at least 4-5 meals per day. Portions should be made small. Ramsey believes that this chef does not have to be full, otherwise no one will want to have his meals. Ramsay admits that he once had the extra weight, but he was able to cope with this problem. Famous British chef does not adhere to any diet and support himself in great shape only through proper diet and morning jogs
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