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How to steal the cook in the kitchen of the restaurant

I remember working in a luxury restaurant, one cook had stolen a piece of meat and put it in the locker room ventilation shaft. Probably everything whether more drunk and forgot or simply forgot about his trophy. Soon after the theft was discovered by his colleagues when the meat came out on top, and the beginning is not very pleasant smell. Then I worked as a cook and looked at through the prism of such cases pofigizma, it was funny. In future when he became chief, he tried to prevent such a situation. When communicating with colleagues listened to a lot of similar situations and tried to stop the reality in his kitchen this practice. Theft in the restaurant can be divided into collective and individual. On the one hand it is easier to stop the theft of collective catch someone or be alone, and to disassemble the chain. On the other hand a group of thieves, always cover each other better and to cover their tracks. Then I will tell you real stories from his practice as stealing chefs.
"About a garbage bag," Story friend, or steal the cook in a large scale.
A friend worked as a cook in a small cafe. Cooks were not enough, and it is easy to control residues. In an institution, as in many others, the automation of the cafe was not conducted properly level. Before removing residues summarizing their activities, having estimated savings advantages, during the day to download the product in the trash bag. At the end of the change he called a taxi and went home with the "gold" garbage bag. This tactic is often used. The garbage bag guys fill up good products, covering waste and carry in garbage cans, and before leaving home, take your nest egg. How to deal when they steal the cook in this manner?
In the first place to put video surveillance. One of the cameras directed to the dumpsters located in the courtyard. That there might be the most interesting.
Second, I recommend the boss did not forget about the automation of restaurant or cafe. From time to time does not hurt to do a custom collation, especially on those items that are knocked out in the upward or downward when removing food residue.
Third, to conduct an additional account of all the meat p / f and be aware of residues in the kitchen This is done quite easily if you have a restaurant in the position of "butcher". Additional magazine with the remains and transfer acts p / f other workshops, study regulations. It appears clear picture of what is happening, and you can always check whether the residues are the same, and to find the culprit. In my practice it was a case where some of the chefs did not want to keep it, supposedly lost log. We had to dismiss them. After that shortage in the kitchen began to change in the opposite direction.
And touch cooks garbage bags are not hygienic. To this end, according to the norms should be specially trained people, such as a kitchen worker or dishwasher. But it cooks can also find a common language. Chefs d'recommend to put an alternative system of automation of the restaurant, for example, you can see how it works and why it is needed.
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