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Ideal Tiramisu - Italian cooking business card.

If you want to feel the full versatility and romance of this dessert, you definitely need to touch the face of Italian luxury in this Tiramisu. However, to experience the whole range of gastronomic delights is simply impossible if Tiramisu was prepared incorrectly. Let's try to figure out how to be a real taste of Tiramisu.
The exact date of the invention Tiramisu is unknown, and opinions differ on this issue. But the fact remains, and for the time of its existence Tiramisu overgrown mass variations cooking. That is why it is often cooked delicious Tiramisu does not cause delight ordinary citizens who claim that favorite cafe meal was a completely different taste. By the way, this is quite a popular claim on the part of visitors - people who are accustomed to definitely cooked, even the wrong dish, is far from ideal, do not understand the canonical masterpieces cooked, and this applies to any cuisine - Japanese, Italian, French.
In fact, the secret is ideally prepared tiramisu as ingredients. If the components are of questionable quality, the dish has nothing to save. Chicken eggs have to be fresh, and the coffee - excellent taste and fragrant. Sometimes, the taste was more complete, it is recommended to add two spoons of coffee in the coffee or almond liqueur. According to the classic recipe Tiramisu use cookies Savoiardi and mascarpone cheese - I prefer to adhere to this variation. It is important that biscuit sticks were perfectly saturated with coffee - with insufficient impregnation dessert will seem dry and bland, but if you overdo it with coffee - the structure will be spoiled. As a result, the taste of tiramisu should get balanced, and the dessert - air and amazingly tender.
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