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Cooking classes on Roman Trusov

In recent years, I did not hold group workshops, because people who want to learn something written to me for individual training. And honestly, there was no time for it. Now the time was a little more, and I thought, why not share your knowledge with a wider audience, do not focus on the chefs as it was before, and ordinary fans to indulge yourself and your friends a delicious and beautifully prepared food. New technologies are actively used in cooking in the restaurant business and in advertising campaigns for the sale of kitchen utensils, highlighting the alleged magical equipment. For example, in some magical pans can fry meat without oil or fish pots wonderful turns tender. All these tricks of advertising promotion. In fact, the whole point lies in technology, the right temperature conditions, time and other nuances. It is at its cooking classes I share with guests such subtleties and nuances that make food taste better and brighter. I always argue that each dish should be eaten twice - the first time the eyes and cook with love.
What my cooking classes differ from other
At its cooking classes I have, absolutely no secrets from my guests. This is the first fundamental rule for me. All the subtleties and nuances, I describe in detail and do when the guest. The quality of the stands in the first place, which means the guest must stay happy and cooked meals with me should get home. The dishes my main focus will be directed to technology and design. Taste dishes tested for years in the party, which left more than a hundred positive reviews of my work. Improvisation in my design decisions allows dishes to be in the trend and amaze my guests. If necessary, I give full information and contacts of suppliers of products and equipment that are used in my cooking classes. In addition, the atmosphere of the event is calm and comfortable. I give the opportunity to work independently under my strict control, if desired. Included in the price of wine and photoshoot leave a good impression for years to come.
The content of the culinary courses
In the time it will take a culinary master class, I'll show and tell you about the inventory, and the product that will be needed in the cooking process. Here is an example of one of the workshops: The first dish we prepare, together, will Carp crisp with tartar sauce. Karp refers to the budget category, with a fresh and local product. Classic tartar sauce flavor harmony open range with crispy balls carp. The dish can easily be replicated at home. Since carp quite bony fish, this recipe will be very important for those who do not like to touch the stone. Great meal combined with beer, so this dish will be served this drink as a supplement. The trick is to supply food, simplicity and flavoring. The second dish cooking course will Entree of acute eggplant with garlic, pepper and egg. It will be an interesting appetizer with the filing and successful range of flavor. Each member of the culinary master class will be able to taste all the dishes are made. A short break before the third meal will take a blind tasting of mini snacks. Guests cooking course will be able to guess the products that were included with the meals. And at the end, completes the dish is Cheese soup with chicken breast Sous-vide. A closer look at the preparation of chicken breast in a vacuum at low temperatures. Submission and taste will leave a lot of impressions. Each cooking course dishes vary, watch for announcements and promotions.
How to sign up for cooking classes, cost and conditions
To register for the event please contact by phone 8 (906) 225-65-97 and make a payment of 10%. The cost of the culinary master class of 5000 rubles. There are discounts - 50% for the first three record and 30% for companies of three or more people. cooking course time 3 hours. The event takes place in the culinary studio. Number of seats is limited. You can also win a cooking class for free by participating in the competitions, which are held in contact on the official page of the Public Roman Trusov.
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