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Culinary events 2021

Welcome to the calendar of culinary events for 2021! It will be another exceptional year for visiting your favorite culinary events in Russia and beyond.
1. Longtaitou festival or the Festival of raising the dragon's head
Date: 14.03.2021, China
The ancient Chinese considered the Chinese dragon, or long, a sacred being that controlled rain. So before spring came, farmers usually held rituals to ask for long's blessing and pray for a good harvest. In addition to fried beans, dumplings, noodles, pancakes and wontons are also popular on this day. The dumplings are beautifully called ears long, the noodles long beard, pancakes – scales long, and wonton – teeth Longa. They say that the use of these products at the festival of Longtime can bring good luck.
2. Siberian forum of hospitality
Date: 07 - 10 April 2021, Krasnoyarsk, Russia
This is a unique event where there are representatives of the sphere of hotel business and catering. This event is authoritative in the Siberian Federal district and beyond the Urals.
3. Prodexpo
Date: 08.02.2021-14.02.2021, Moscow, Russia
The largest international exhibition of the Russian Federation and Eastern Europe presents both basic products and fine delicacies, sports nutrition, etc. The exhibition contains alcoholic beverages from more than 30 countries.
4. InterFood Krasnodar
Date: April 22-24, 2021, Krasnodar, Russia
The largest exhibition in the South of Russia, which is attended by manufacturers and suppliers of beverages and food. Here you can find a wide range of confectionery, tea, coffee, fish and seafood, meat and milk, and much more.
5. Anuga
Date: October 9-13, 2021, Cologne, Germany
The world's largest food and beverage exhibition opens up new horizons for the development of the entire industry. This is an important meeting place for industry representatives, as the data from last year show: Anuga Cologne with 7,972 exhibitors and approximately 169,653 visitors is clearly the number one food fair!
6. Natexpo
24.10.2021-26.10.2021, Paris, France
Natexpo, the international exhibition of organic products — is an event that shapes the future of organic products. For more than 20 years, it has been a major event bringing together industry representatives at the national and international level.
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