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Culinary master class from the chef: how not to be disappointed in it?

Culinary master class is a "delicious" event, during which real gourmets or beginners in the process of cooking delicious food learn about some new dish, cook it or look at this process from the outside, gaining experience. 
Types of cooking classes, what can the chef offer?
"Delicious" master class does not have an exact classification, so everyone shares it as he sees fit. In the form of its organization, it is always educational, because the audience learns to cook on it. His main task is to teach. Based on the age category, the master class in cooking can be intended for children and adolescents, as well as an adult audience.
The first type is organized by the master together with children. The chef gives them simple tasks, and the process of heat treatment of the dish leaves itself. The recipe is usually simple and uncomplicated. What can not be said about the second type of master class, when the dish has a more complex cooking technique. Culinary master class, based on the chosen dish, is often divided into the preparation of the first or second courses, desserts and pastries (here also include drinks).
Also, the type of "tasty" lesson depends on the nationality of the cuisine: Russian, French, Georgian. And from the upcoming holiday, for example, new year's master class or dishes for special occasions (March 8, birthday). But these types can not be called a classification, it is only an arbitrary division of master classes, which can easily change any cook. 
How to choose a cooking class?
Being in an endless stream of cooking classes, it is sometimes difficult to choose something specific. But it is better to give preference to those chefs who not only learn to cook a particular dish, and offer long courses on a specific topic. Good culinary master class in cooking:
1. Contains an announcement (scenario of the event).
2. Has a list of necessary products and utensils.
3. It consists of step-by-step instructions, explanations and practical demonstration.
4. It gives you the opportunity to ask questions during the preparation of the claimed dish.
5. Held in a group with an audience of no more than 12 people.
Professional chef after one or more master classes, of course, not to become, so it will be more useful to attend a series of classes, which is aimed at training a beginner or those who want to Supplement the knowledge of certain dishes (master classes narrow subjects).
Chef and his cooking class
The success of a "tasty" lesson always depends on who conducts it. If the chef is interested in having the necessary number of people come to his class, he gives his master class some kind of chip – an old dish, a secret age-old recipe, a valuable life hack. The ingredients he uses must be the best and most attractive to the eye, such that salivation flowed at their sight.
Only from the chief depends on how the person who came to his event will feel. In order for guests to try on the role of a real chef, the master involves him in the work, allowing you to mix, clean, RUB, break and cut. Attention to yourself, help, answers to questions and clear step by step recipe – all that should accompany the invited to the "tasty" event.
In order not to be disappointed in the culinary master class from the chef, first you need to decide on its type – theme, age, dish, national subtext, a special case. When choosing a "delicious" event, it is better to know its scenario in advance, check for allergies to specific ingredients, prepare questions, ask how many people will be in the group. Special attention should be paid to the one who will conduct the lesson, because the cooking lesson is useful only if it is conducted by a true professional. 
What happens at my cooking classes and what are they like?
What culinary activities can be found in me. How to get them and what you get out.
1. Individual training. 
I spend with one person according to the program agreed in advance, before booking the date. The message of the program is set by the student himself. In other words, we agree on the shore. Then advance payment, book a date and do the planned plan for two days.
2. Group culinary master class from the chef.
The program includes two dishes on the subject, for 10 people with further tasting. Full involvement in the process, any questions, subtleties of preparation. What are the advantages you get in this program:
• Acquaintance, communication with the chief and other participants. 
• Knowledge and subtleties of cooking, technology. 
• Tasting, good impressions, change of atmosphere. 
3. Gastronomic dinner.
There is no need to cook anything, just come and spend your leisure time positively. Only 5 courses of food. Each dish has its own philosophy and feature. Selection of drinks for each combination. Non-standard solutions to taste and serve.
4. Visiting master class.
If you are not in St. Petersburg, I am ready to come to you! 
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