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The best chef of the world. Enrique Crippa

"Transparent" cuisine, a legendary kitchen garden and cooking without "Zen"
My kitchen is fun,
Beautiful, tidy and tasty.
Enrico Crippa
Enrico Crippa prefers modern Italian cuisine. But the chief does not seek technical innovations and does not use chemical mixtures. His preference is to search for forgotten fruits or vegetables, preferably seasonal ones. So Krippa gives his kitchen a certain transparency.
Modest master and his legendary garden
Chef Enrico is rarely seen anywhere outside the Piazza Duomo. He is rather modest, although it was Crippus who was the first of the chiefs of the Lange district in Piedmont, who was able to get three Michelin stars for his establishment.
The garden of Enrico is almost a legend of Piedmont. Although this area of ​​the country itself is a real gastronomic paradise: local nuts, white truffles, katana, eco-friendly meat of the highest quality. But in the garden of Cripp grow more than 130 herbs, flowers and other edible plants. And more than 40 kinds of vegetables and fruits.
Much of the success of chef Enrico and his restaurant is a commitment to a kitchen based on local products. It is logical that the vegetables in his dishes are much more than meat. Crippa believes that vegetables provide more opportunities for experimentation and creativity.
The first student of the first master
Star Chef Enrico Crippa was born in the small town of Karate Brianza, located on the outskirts of Milan. An Italian who spent many years in France, learning the skills of a chef, "educating" the real boss in himself.
He traveled a lot, worked in dozens of prestigious institutions, but returned to the provincial Albu, where he opened his restaurant. According to Enrique himself, he could not live in a big city, because "a village mouse is always better than a city mouse".
Before Crippa became chief of Piazza Duomo, he was never in Langa. But on this land, which is rich in wonderful products, Enrique has found its place. Promising to make the restaurant three-star, he achieved the goal, putting a lot of effort.
He recognized his profession by working at the Hotel Martinez (Cannes). He was the first student of Gualtiero Marchesi, who reached the same peaks as his teacher. And Marchezi became the first chef for Enrique, who taught not only food topics, but also taught chefs to use culture, art and create their dishes in their work elegantly.
Dishes bearing philosophical meaning
Enrique invests in all its dishes a special meaning, showing the closeness of man and nature. In all of his work there is respect for the land that gives people their fruits. This attitude is emphasized by such dishes as veal fillet flavored with tuna sauce.
What is interesting in the menu Piazza Duomo, except pizza? Incredible complex salads, consisting of seasonal ingredients. Many of Cripp's dishes are a real mosaic, a splash of colors and flavors. And all this is made from vegetables and fruits.
Wine Paradise
In addition to the fine cuisine, the establishment, which spoils guests with the taste and color of Enrique Cripp, offers its guests excellent wines. The restaurant is created by a family of wine merchants, so the choice of wine here is magnificent.
Enrico Awards
• The prestigious prize awarded by the International Gastronomic Academy "Grand Prix de l'Art 2017"
• Three stars from the Michelin Guide
Philosophy, art and essence of the kitchen Cryp
Enrique does not like when his kitchen is trying to designate such a concept as "Zen". Although he agrees that in his dishes he uses a little "eastern culinary choreography", but their structure and taste are completely different. At the same time, the assertive and easy taste of his dishes is based on his biography and understanding of life.
Do they need a fourth star? Being a starry chef for Enrique Crippa is not an end in itself. However, he craves new achievements and victories. But the chief is not ready to change his principles for the sake of "star". Crippa believes that work should be fun and only then you can achieve anything you want.
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