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Master Chef Riper - gastronomic showman and Neptune in one person.

"Every spring I visit the market in the old town in Nice.
Everywhere fresh and delicious flavors of products are carried
It is worth to come here for this every year "
Eric Reaper
Master Chef Riper - gastronomic showman and Neptune in one person.
He has a rather interesting way of telling stories of products during his cooking magic sessions. Chief Erik Rieper stunningly prepares dishes from the inhabitants of the sea depths and conducts his TV show.
Chef, TV presenter and traveler
Eric Reaper is not only a talented chef, magically cooking seafood, but also a popular media personality. Author, participant and presenter of various shows on a culinary theme. One of the most popular projects, in which he particularly brightly "lit up", was the famous Bravo "Top Chef". Here he was both a judge and a guest. Riper obviously beckons the TV presenter's career, probably, that's why he conducts an online broadcast on his website. It teaches everyone who wants to cook light and fast meals. Masterly possession of culinary secrets and the ability to be a showman are not the only talents of Eric Riper. He is also a traveler. Traveling around the world, he draws inspiration from other countries, and then, brings ideas to his dishes.
From France with love ...
Eric Reaper, a native of French Antibes, was born in 1964. Cooking was able since childhood, the grandmother taught. In his young years the Eric family moved to Andorra. When he was 17 years old, he went to Paris and entered the culinary school in Perpignan. Then, two years, Erik worked at the famous restaurant "La Tour d'Argen". Working in the next institution under the direction of one of the famous chefs Joel Robuchon, Riper achieved the title of Assistant Chef. But soon he was taken into the army. After serving, he returned to the restaurant world as a chef at the Poissonier.
Soon Eric Reaper changed France to America. In 1989, he moved to the US and began working as a sous-chef in the "Watergate" - the restaurant of the hotel Jean-Louis Palladin. In New York, the chief worked for several years, and in 1994, by will of fate turned into a chef and co-owner of "Le Bernardin". A year later Erik received 4 Michelin stars, at that time he was 29 years old.
In 2007, Riper opened an atypical institution for the "star" chefs - a bistro, in which visitors are treated to simple dishes of American and French cuisine. And in 2008, the chief opened another restaurant in Philadelphia.
Ripera's Seafood Temple
That is how many guests call his restaurant, and his boss, like Neptune - the lord of the seas, mixes seafood, turning their incredible dishes. "Le Bernardin" is open six days a week. In addition to delicious food in the institution there is a wine cellar, in which a fine selection of drinks.
What pleases the guests chef Reaper? Scottish salmon, almost not subjected to heat treatment, with croutons of black bread with horseradish and beetroot snack. Scallops, shellfish, fish, shrimps and other seafood Eric confidently combines with vegetables and sauces. To "carpaccio" from the comb adds mushrooms shiitake and peas, to salmon dumplings from potatoes and onions. All this is brought to the ideal taste with the help of spices and serving.
The Ripert's kitchen mixes in itself modern French and traditional Asian. And these Asian notes are felt almost in all dishes from the chef. The menu of the restaurant is divided into almost raw food, lightly cooked and ordinary prepared. Only Eric can mix halibut, scallop and shellfish with mushrooms and "dasi" sauce. And it turns out delicious!
Awards and achievements
His restaurant is the first in the category of Traveler's Choice Restaurant, has four awards from Michelin Star. Plus, the institution has many American and international awards and for 20 years is included in the list of the best and prestigious restaurants in New York according to the New York Times.
Buddhist and Culinary
And it seems to be a completely illogical combination, but this is the whole Eric Reaper. He is a Buddhist practitioner, organizer and participant of various societies engaged in the preservation and restoration of Tibetan texts, creating programs to fight hunger in the communities of New York and other useful things.
Riper struggles to ensure that young chefs use only high-quality ingredients in their culinary art. He is even the president of a special fund working on this topic.
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