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Melatonin - the main hormone of the pineal gland

Melatonin - the main hormone of the pineal gland, a regulator of circadian rhythms
The work of all cells in the human body is controlled by hormones, specific organic substances produced by endocrine organs. In the brain, the pineal gland is a small, pineal gland, which produces hormones - serotonin, melatonin, adrenoglomerulotropin. While this body and substances produced by them are not fully understood. But it is known that melatonin - the main hormone of the pineal gland, is the main regulator of the human circadian rhythms.
The importance of melatonin for the body
Melatonin - a unique substance. This hormone is observed not only in humans but also plants, protozoa, and animals. And its development depends on the light - the maximum number in the dark. The functions of melatonin are not only in the regulation of sleep patterns, it controls the production of other hormones and affect many processes in the body.
 Even in slowing aging is his contribution. He also has antioxidant, anti-tumor properties and affects weight loss and adaptation after the jet lag. This is an extremely important hormone regulates:
• The onset and duration of sleep.
• Blood pressure.
• endocrine system.
• Activities of the gastrointestinal tract.
• immune system.
• The work of the brain.
Melatonin regulates and reproductive women by suppressing it in the cold season and activating a good time. After its development is much more in the winter because of the constant darkness. This foresight of nature - it is necessary to multiply when the heat and light, there is no problem with the food. Proven need to support a good mood, it has anti-stress effect.
Receiving a synthetic hormone
With a lack of melatonin in the body there are numerous disorders and diseases at work. There is insomnia, accelerated aging, developing obesity, cancer and other diseases. To support normal levels of the hormone can take a pharmaceutically analog or eat in a special way.
Melatonin is produced in the form of tablets in many countries around the world. Russia produces as a drug under the trade names: Melatonin, Melapur, Yukalin and so. D. Also available in stores food for athletes, as Melatonin.
Admission Deputy avoids the problems and establish the right functioning of the body.
Products that stimulate the production of melatonin
It is also possible to obtain melatonin or stimulate its production, eating certain foods. Oatmeal with milk, bananas help improve his level. Pine nuts, almonds, cherries, baked potato - an indispensable source of vegetable melatonin. Adherence every day, physical education classes, rejection of alcohol abuse and smoking, fasting, all increase the production of the hormone.
Function of melatonin is very important for normal human existence. It will slow down aging, sleep and will adjust the operation of all systems of the body, prevent serious illnesses.
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