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2016 New Year's menu: dishes from the chef

In this paper I want to share with you their own New Year's 2016 menu with dishes from the chef - every meal really special, decorated with interesting and extremely tasty.
Christmas 2016 menu from the Chef: Snacks
Any gala dinner begins with light dishes that will warm your appetite, and the New Year table 2016 is not exactly go without snacks. I suggest you choose dishes from the widest range of my original recipes, each of which involves an individual, uncommon design and exciting combination of flavors.
• Jellied beef with mustard and feta. Familiar to every New Year's meal in my interpretation - feta cream with mustard will add spice to the dish, and a method of supplying exactly surprise guests and relatives. You can also experiment - for example, to cook a rabbit in aspic with horseradish.
• Baked eggplant with cheese, tomatoes and garlic. Another excellent dish for New Year's table - easy to prepare, but amazingly delicious.
• Salmon with potatoes and pickled onions. Surely known Russian human snack, but my recipe features a special way of salting and designs.
• King prawns on a pair of champagne with avocado puree. This appetizer - a real must have for Christmas menu 2016. Charming tandem of taste will not leave you indifferent - so I recommend to verify this independently.
• Sauerkraut with pickled mushrooms or milk mushrooms - a useful and exciting entertainment appetite, which perfectly fit into the gala dinner.
I also recommend to pay attention to hot snacks - ideal addition New Year's menu in 2016.
2016 New Year's menu: salads
What a festive menu complete without a salad? I suggest you familiarize yourself with the recipes and stock ideas to diversify Christmas treats.
• Salad "Olivier" with hazel grouse. This salad is always associated with the New Year, but if the standard recipe you are bored - you can use a variation of my - I am sure you will enjoy.
• Herring under a fur coat - a true Christmas classic. You will certainly appeal to a method of supplying and decoration of the familiar lettuce, which will play in a new way.
• Salad "Mimosa" with pike caviar - a traditional New Year's meal with an original way of decoration.
• Salad with crab sticks - again, here you will find a new, fresh look at all the famous recipe - take you on board.
• Salad with smoked chicken, tomatoes, garlic and cheese. This salad will surprise you not only trivial taste, but interesting design.
Christmas menu from the chef: hot dishes
Of course, a special place on the holiday table should take hot dishes. Discover the best recipes that will satisfy even the most demanding gourmet.
• Duck breast on the grill. Tender meat of poultry, complemented by wine stewed pear is unlikely to disappoint you - amazing dish like in appearance and taste.
• Beef medallions with grilled vegetables - perfect for those who want something simple to prepare, but incredibly tasty.
• Amber trout on a pair of champagne. Do you want to cook something unusual - then this recipe is for you.
2016 New Year's menu: Desserts
Be sure to carefully consider the Christmas desserts, especially if a family has a sweet tooth and children.
• Sponge cake with gold dust. Simple, richly decorated dessert.
• Napoleon - a favorite cake from early childhood. With the new design options from the chef dessert will be just as tasty and add aesthetic pleasure.
• Cheesecake with peach - delicate desserts that recall the summer New Year's Eve. As an option - you can cook cheesecake with jelly, black currant.
The effort involved in the preparation and execution of festive dishes from the chef of the New Year's menu in 2016, will pay off handsomely - your family and guests will definitely be impressed by the treats.
I wish everyone great to celebrate the coming 2016 New Year. Do not forget to leave comments and add the article to your bookmarks, so as not to lose.
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