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What is the proper diet or a diet with minimal costs.

Probably each of us wondered about healthy diet with minimal costs. What is the proper diet and why does it play such a big role in our lives? Every person must receive a certain amount of vitamins, fats, carbohydrates, proteins and minerals. Daily requirement of each person is different, it depends on many factors and lifestyle. So, it is important to consider not only the proper diet, but the whole way of life in general. A healthy lifestyle includes proper diet, exercise, mental work, walking in the fresh air, the morale of the person. In this blog, I will not deal with all aspects of a healthy way of life, and will specifically focus on proper diet. Pace of our lives sometimes makes proper diet impossible and we often cannot what we want. But it depends primarily on your own desires. For proper absorbing the food you need to eat a little bit, at the same time, and chewed food well. Do not rush to eat anything that comes to hand. As Omar Khayyam said: "To live life wisely, ought to know quite a few, two important rules to remember to start with, you'd better starve than eat everything, and better be alone than with just anyone".
Indeed, some products are killing us. Especially in our time it is difficult to understand where the rotten product, and which is normal. I literally divide products into three categories – useful ones, doubtful ones and bad ones. Harmful ones are chips, alcohol, salt, sugar, carbonated soft drinks, French fries, mayonnaise and etc. A healthy food (at first glance) is a fish, seafood, vegetables, fruits, dairy products, berries and much more.
I call doubtful products those ones I’m not sure in: I mean, if I don’t know, where this product was grown, what it was fed. For example, the milk that is sold in stores packed with antibiotics, or apples with nitrates, tomatoes grown artificially odorless, vitamins and other nutrients. And these "fake" products are very widespread. They crowded market; we are under attack and quiet painlessly exterminated. The body slowly mutating, DNA is changing. For proper diet in the first place need good water. It is desirable to take water from the spring. Water plays a big role in our life and it’s good when you deal with structured water. Next one, note what you eat for breakfast. This is a boost of energy, running the body. But don’t start with the sandwiches, instant coffee, eggs and sausages. Breakfast should be balanced in proteins, fats and long-playing carbohydrates. They are slowly digested by the body, and the feeling of fullness lasts longer. Nutritionists recommend cereal for breakfast. But don’t refuse, for example, roll with butter and cheese (only without the sausage or hot dogs); there are fats and proteins, which are also very necessary for the day. Boil large leaf tea is better with mint or lemon balm, orange peel, ginger root, to your taste. And you've already got a boost of energy. It is recommended to eat a plate of soup for lunch. The right soup is one that is easily digestible and has the greatest amount of useful minerals, fats, and the least amount of products and passaged carcinogens. How did carcinogens form and what is it?
Simply put - it is a poison that’s killing us. It turns out from animal fats, which are subjected to high temperatures. So before you have fried foods, think about it! Take, for example, chicken soup with noodles. If it is properly made out of meat is not high in fat, not boiling, no fried vegetables with noodles from durum wheat. This soup is good for your body. Or hodgepodge, with refried tomato paste of dubious quality, meat products, and unknown content of the regulators and preservatives. In general, such a hodgepodge don’t make you healthier. I remember when I started work as a cook in a cafe where, the owner took on the cheap expired sausage in a nearby store, the hodgepodge. After heat treatment and cutting mucosal surface it went well enough. Because of this I have not worked there a long time and quit. Don’t allow the broth boiling. Fats, that it contains, are saponified, and we poison our body. I do not advise to have much food for supper, and it is preferably not too have supper lately. I often read articles about how useful are some products, and about usefulness of pumpkin mask or shampoos made from honey and eggs. But no one gives arguments. Where is the evidence, or at least explanations, why is this useful? Therefore, I think such articles empty unsubstantiated chatter, not literate. I do not deny that the shampoo based on honey and eggs is helpful, but it is necessary to explain and give arguments. And it turns out that the articles are written by people far removed from it; do not understand the processes that occur as a result of absorption of shampoo in the hair roots. I will not and I am very much to write, but just give an example of the menu for people with little deviation. It will not be expensive, healthy diet with my comments and errors in prices during the autumn period.
Day 1. Breakfast. Oatmeal with milk and seasonal fruit. Sandwich with trout and cucumber. Big leaf tea with ginger, cinnamon, milk. Dinner. Fish stock of trout. Zucchini fritters with sour cream and apple. Fresh apple and squash. Supper. Mushroom pilaf. Homemade yogurt.
It is quite rich diet per day, with balanced amino acids and fats, and therefore proper digestion. Not expensive, because the apples, zucchini, mushrooms, cucumber, lettuce - seasonal products. Creating a menu for the restaurant staff, in which I worked, the cost of the dinner was an average of 25 rubles per person. This cost includes a bowl of soup at fine pork knuckle, seasonal salad, vegetables, meat for dinner with a side dish, plus tea, juice, or brew depending on the day of the week. And on certain days we made pastries. From my experience, I concluded that the more people you need to feed, the cheaper it turns out. Products are cheaper to buy in one time and to make menu in advance, assessing it in detail. Besides, buying a pack of oatmeal, you do not eat it all, and so, despite the amount spent for all the products cost, say breakfast is small.
Technologies. Add oatmeal to boiling salted water. Give a few minutes of cooks, add milk and sugar. Boil until tender, over medium heat, stirring constantly. Before you end, add a small piece of butter, peeled apples. If you have stocks of jam – add it. Oatmeal that I take that long brewed not processed. It is more effective and natural. Not recognize the processed oatmeal that is ready when you add boiling water. Before making a sandwich, pickle trout. It is better to buy once the carcass with the head. So the end result will be cheaper. From the head and bones can cook excellent broth and soup and pickle fillets and cut into shapes, which can, in extreme cases, divide into portions and freeze. Salt the trout is easy; you just need to take the fillets on the skin, salt sea salt and sugar. For a taste, you can add the dill and pink pepper. Do not be lazy to cut the fish - it is your money and the belief that everything has been done accurately. A day later the fish is ready to eat. For a sandwich, I do not take the sliced loaf; cut off a thin slice of about 4-5mm. Baking is not very useful, so try to reduce it in your diet. I choose denseк loaf, without a lot of baking powder. Little butter, lettuce, romaine or better, a few slices of fresh cucumber and tomatoes and finally sliced trout. Instead of butter can be spread on a sandwich homemade mayonnaise. Doing it is not difficult. Whisk egg yolks and vegetable oil, a little mustard and lemon juice and salt. Better to spend the time and know that it is a natural mayonnaise, not chemistry from the store with preservatives and stabilizers. I buy tea without the usual big leaf flavors and foreign tastes. Make anything you like, add the brown orange peel, cinnamon sticks, ginger, thyme. Do anything on your taste. Personally, I love spicy tea with ginger, cinnamon, cardamom and milk. This tea is well tones and gives a boost of energy, which is very relevant in the morning. Fish stock is simple. The main thing is not to give it to boil. Fill the bones with cold water; add the onion, carrots, and potatoes. It is better to throw a whole, pre-clearing. In the five minutes before the bay leaf, allspice, salt, parsley stalks. Broth should be thrilled over low heat for half an hour at least, and then it will become saturated and transparent. Before the return to get the potatoes, carrots and mash with a fork right into the plate, pour the broth and add the sliced garlic and parsley leaves. Make lunch fresh zucchini and fresh apples. Clean the apples and zucchini from seeds and skins, pass through the juicer. Take a sip of vitamins, squash juice is very useful, and in a duo with apple it will still tasty. Do not rush to throw cake. Add the egg, salt, sugar, a little flour and fry the fritters in oil. Oil designed so that it could fry all the pancakes. Do not overheat the pan so that the oil does not burn and too little light, too bad. In this case, the oil is absorbed. It goes very well with pancakes with sour cream and lettuce. Mushroom pilaf we’ll do with technology of risotto. Of course, good to use special rice for risotto, but it is expensive and not sold in all stores, so I named this dish pilaf. Take regular round-grain rice. Loop, but do not rinse. Onions and garlic are lightly fried in vegetable oil. Will taste better if we fry in oil mixture, adding cooking - butter. But we have a healthy diet, so creamy porridge in the morning went on a sandwich. When the onions slightly browned, add the garlic. You should fry on low heat. Add rice and fry a little and gradually add salted mushroom broth. In the end, add the boiled mushrooms themselves. I took stock of boletus in the season. Make it easy. Find in the forest mushrooms! Clean it, cut, pours over boiling water, package in bags and freeze flat briquettes. In the end, our pilaf can add cheese. Finally, add yogurt. It is very useful thing. I advise you to find a fungus. Working with him is very easy. You need to add the fungus in the milk and leave at room temperature overnight. I try to buy milk in the village, as they say, have proven cow. Pasteurize it, or you can bring to the boil. But there is more beneficial vitamins and minerals in products in pasteurized stores. For this I use a laser thermometer. You can control the temperature and normal thermometer.

I did not write amount of food waste, because you can cook both the one and the ten people, the price and quantity of this will change. The average price of a day per person will not exceed 70 rubles. Please note that some products can be grown in the country or to gather in the woods. In this case, the cost will be even cheaper. The same day diet can reduce the cost of replacing a trout on a chicken, boiled chicken breast also useful and rich in calories. By the way, chicken is also better to buy in the village. Usually grannies have no money for it to bash their livestock antibiotics. And the diet of this animals is more natural than on large farms.
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