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Dessert cake Charlotte

This dessert was invented during the reign of George III, who was married to a woman named Charlotte. The Queen was very fond of apples. Therefore, the court chefs, every day trying to surprise her by using this fruit. Initially, Charlotte was a bread that was cut into pieces and soaked in apple, pear or apricot syrup. This recipe came up to the French chef Marie Antoine Careme. Slightly changing the composition by adding additional ingredients he baked apple pie to the Russian Tsar Alexander I, who was pleased with the innovation. During the 19-20 centuries dessert was a real culinary hit. His formulation was spread all over the world at an incredible rate. In each country, cooks make changes to the recipe charlotte, thereby transforming it. To date, filling Charlotte can be totally different. It may be apples, pears, berries, and even mousses. Also, the procedure of preparation, each family may differ. Charlotte with caramel apples For this kind of cake fit different kinds of apples. Most importantly, they need to be peeled and cored, then cut into large slices. Saturated apple aroma, required to make caramel roasting. To do this, in a frying pan melted butter, poured sugar and apple slices are thrown. Two minutes later, the mass is sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar. In order to better dissolve the sugar, you can add a table wine. All the alcohol evaporate, and apples covered with a beautiful caramel crust. In preparation of biscuit used sugar, eggs and flour. After mixing the ingredients, the dough should be stringy and be like condensed milk. To dessert not burnt, form daubed butter. Then, the bottom are stacked by a fan apples. This is necessary so that after baking, interesting pattern appeared on. Next, the dough is poured over them, and the resulting mass is sent in a preheated 180 ° oven for 20 minutes. During this time, the cake browned and unusual apple aroma filled the whole kitchen. Once the cake is removed, it must sprinkle with cinnamon. Recipe Charlotte. For the preparation of need: apples - 5 pcs., Egg - 3 pcs., Flour - ½ cup sugar -1 / 2 cup, 1/3 cup koritsa-, 1 tablespoon wine, 50 oz. butter. Creperie charlotte To do this, you need to cook regular pancakes - 8 pcs. Cut an apple thin plates, and the remaining 3 pieces. grate through a large grater and put out a frying pan, add a little sugar. At this time, on the other pan it is necessary to melt 50 g. butter, which is necessary for the further blurring of pancakes. When everything is ready, you can begin to collect Charlotte. First layer: On a baking sheet laid out two pancake and lubricated with melted butter. They put a layer of grated apples and sprinkled with nuts. Over the resulting layer neatly placed apple plate. The remaining layers are repeated in the same order. Next whipped egg whites with powdered sugar. Get protein mass coated with charlotte, sprinkle with nuts and bake in the oven sent. That's all. Tasty dessert ready.
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