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Chef Eric Freshon

"My base - French culinary tradition and French products"
Chef restaurant Epicure - Eric Freshon - a legendary figure, known among connoisseurs of high gastronomy. Thanks to his talent restaurant received three stars of the prestigious gastronomic Michelin and became known all over the country.
Secret of success
The chef, who combines classic style with culinary innovations, trying not to change the natural taste of the products, and to make it more expressive and brighter. Success in the work of Eric Freshon achieved thanks to his unique talent, individual style, dedication and experience, which he received while working with well-known chefs.
At age 17, Eric went to Paris and became a student of the legendary chef places Le Pavillondela Grande Cascade. Then, the future chef worked with renowned chefs in France and Spain, including as a sous-chef chef Patrick Boze. After a while Eric returned home, and six months later began working as an assistant chef at the famous Crillon's restaurant. At the moment, Eric manages the kitchen at Epicure Restaurant.
Kitchen and dish crown
The most important thing for the boss - the origin and quality of the ingredients. Eric restaurant uses only the finest products of farm and wild fish caught by small fishermen's cooperative. Sometimes the boss orders a non-French ingredients to make dishes some notes. Signature dish of the restaurant - Bresse fowl (chicken), cooked over low heat in a pig bladder.
Awards and achievements
• Place in the list of the best restaurants in the world (The World's 50 Best Restaurant).
• Three star Michelin rated restaurant famous. The first restaurant was a star in 1999, the second - in 2001 and third in 2009.
• Eric has the Legion of Honor.
Eric believes that it is necessary to make new discoveries in this case to preserve the tradition and do not change their origin. Kitchen - is a living organism in motion and constantly evolving. At the same time we can not allow people to forget the basics of French cuisine. Develop new technologies, improving the kitchen, but it can not take precedence over food. This product - the main component of good food, and without them there will be a good and decent food.
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