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The chef of the restaurant Hof Van Clene Peter Goosens

Peter Goosens (Peter Goossens) - Chef's own restaurant in Belgium and experienced professional in the business.
Secret of success
famous chefs secret of success - dedication, hard work, hard work and adherence to tradition. Peter is always in a creative search, coming up with new and new recipes, as well as giving the old dishes and familiar products entirely new, unexpected kind.
Way to a Dream
Experience a chef first came to Paris, where he had gone to study culinary arts. For four years he worked in various restaurants to hone skills, but eventually returned home and opened his first restaurant. It is not a success, but Peter continued to work tirelessly.
Finally, in 1992, Peter and his wife Liv decided to open a second establishment. They bought an old farm house, renovated, fully preserving the style and even the name. Incidentally, the chef chose the place for a reason. Kruishoutem - the birthplace of the chef. Liv meets and escorts guests as Peter prepares incredibly delicious dishes for them.
Corona recipes Chef
The chip, which features Peter from the other chefs - layering. He creates dishes by placing the products at each other like a sandwich. So he seeks not only great taste, but also an unusual color. In the restaurant the dishes he uses triangular plates and salad bowls, which also gives its corporate identity.
All restaurant meals prepared only from natural ingredients. Many of them are grown side by side, on the farm. Here you can find dishes of langoustines (Norway lobster) with the addition of avocado, kalamanchi and curry. If you want, you can eat scallops with onions, cauliflower and spicy sausage. And for dessert - the cocoa beans with almonds or chocolate with apricot and hazelnuts.
Awards and achievements
In 2005 Peter was awarded the title of best chef, received a third star from Michelin. It is the most famous restaurant rating. Three stars mean that the chef is working fine, but the level of its cuisine - at altitude. The first chef was in 1994, the second - in 1998. Peter from time to time involved in various cooking shows and was even one of the judges on the popular program "My restaurant". Peter is also the owner of the Belgian Order of addition, chef - an honorary citizen of Kreyskhautema
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