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Subtleties of proper food storage.

Products will be stored for much longer if you follow all the recommendations on the use and care of the appliance is shown in the instructions. I want to draw attention to modern refrigerators where there is a zone of freshness with adjustable humidity, antibacterial coating system samorazmorazhivaniya etc. Sam refrigerator must necessarily periodically wash. Thus we prevent the proliferation of harmful bacteria and increase the shelf life of products. It is important to always make sure that the refrigerator was not spoiled food, as they may be the reason for the occurrence of undesirable odors and cause damage to other stocks. In the kitchen of the restaurant chefs do I make it several times a day, besides more and put the date on the semis. In addition, you should carefully read the instructions and recommendations on storage time and temperature, on the packaging of food products, or based on their own knowledge. All the products that are expected to be frozen, should be placed in the plastic bag A Better evacuate special tight package. You can freeze almost any vegetables, mushrooms and berries for the winter - for this they need to be washed, if necessary, cut, packaged and sent to the freezer. The meat is frozen, pre-separated from the bones - it will help keep it fresh longer. In order to freeze the meat remained after school, you need to perform the following manipulation - after curing of meat in the freezer it should get, pour water and then send it in the freezer, and the formed ice crust will prevent freezing of moisture. And the best part, of course, send in a vacuum. Vacuum greatly increases the shelf life of products. If the meat is boiled it can freeze in the same vacuum with broth, if the meat is raw, it is better to evacuate the oil already marinated. Meat and fish are advised not to freeze a second - after thawing they must immediately prepare. Chilled meat must not be stored next to milk and dairy products - these will lead to their deterioration. Sausage and fish should not be stored in plastic packaging - for this purpose much better fit paper, glass containers or vacuum packaging. Foods such as cheese, cottage cheese, butter, tend to absorb odors, so it is desirable to be packed in a sealed foil or utensils, as well as packing of products to consider how air circulates inside the refrigerator. Contents of the opened canned need to shift into a glass bowl. Onions should be kept separate from the potato - store together can give rise to their damage, but the germination of potatoes perfectly protect a few apples. A fairly common mistake of inexperienced housewives - put tomatoes in the refrigerator. These fruits are best stored at room temperature, away from direct sunlight. To extend the shelf life of fresh herbs, it must be washed thoroughly, cut off the tips of the stems dried up and place in a container with a small amount of water (like flowers). Such a bouquet of fresh herbs you need to put in the refrigerator. But in this case, the vitamins will go into the water - it's not very good. The alternative to this method - wrap greens in paper towels, place in a plastic bag. But the most efficient way to store green closed three liter jar, in this case, the greens should not be trampled. Microclimate created by the bank will store up to a month with fresh dill. Unfortunately, this method is not suitable to mint and basil.
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