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Top 50 Foods that can be collected in the Leningrad region

1. Pine cones. Assemble the spring to mid-May, when they are still green and only beginning to blossom. Growing up in the pine forests. Make jam from cones.
2. Barberry. barberry berries are harvested in the fall. It can be found on the fringes, lawns, slopes. Dry, make jam.
3. Ivan-tea buds. Are collected at the time of flowering: the end of July - beginning of September. It grows in woods, swamps and fields. Dried.
4. Ivan-tea, root. Were collected in April-May, or in September at the end of the flowering period. Dried.
5. Stinging nettle. It flowers from June until autumn. It occurs on vacant lots, roadsides, in gardens and orchards on the banks of rivers. Dried, mashed, added to salads.
6. Clover. June August. It grows in meadows, clearings, fields and near roads. Dried.
7. The mother-and-stepmother. Early spring. It grows on clay and sandy soils, on the banks of rivers. Dried.
8. White Bloodroot. Gather in June. In the pine woods, copses, meadows. Dried.
9. ling. From July to August. It grows on burned areas, peat bogs, pine forests. Dry, make therapeutic infusions.
10. Birch (juice). From March to April. A reference to the collection are swollen buds on the trees. It grows in the birch forests. Make juice, sometimes canned.
11. Hazel. From July to September. It grows in oak, mixed forests. Dried.
12. caraway. Collection spring. It grows in the birch, coniferous forests. Dried.
13. Fern Orlyak. Mid-May - early June. Coniferous and deciduous forests. Plant salt.
14. Typha latifolia (rhizome). It grows in shallow water in the wetland areas. Make flour, baked.
15. Mannik sag (seeds). Were collected from mid-July to late August. It grows in swamps, ditches, meadows and near rivers. Harvest cereals.
16. The common reed. Gather the young shoots and roots in May and early June. It grows along the banks, ponds and lakes, in swamps, in general, in wet soils. The shoots are boiled, stewed, added to salads, dried rhizomes.
17. Common Sorrel. July. It grows in meadows, on the lakes. Salt.
18. Hogweed. Were collected in June and July. It likes moist soil: grows in meadows, scrublands. It can be found on the edges of forests. The leaves are used as a salad, boiled broth from stems, dried rhizome.
19. Juniper. It ripens in October. It grows in coniferous forests. It is used as a condiment and for the manufacture of gin.
20. Chicory. July-September. It grows on the slopes of the hills on the outskirts of the fields, it is rare. Dried.
21. Rosehip. Beginning of autumn. It grows everywhere: on the banks of rivers, fields and ravines. Dried. Used as the vitamin infusion.
22. Actinidia. June. It grows in all types of forests. Morozov, make jam.
23. Blueberries. Were collected from July to October. It grows in dry forests, swamps, and most of all - in the coniferous forests. The leaves are dried, frozen berries or make jam.
24. Strawberries. Gather in June. He loves pine, mixed forests. Make jam, compotes.
25. Cloudberry. Gather at the end of July. Find can swamp forests. Prepare jam, syrup, jam.
26. Blueberries. The harvest begins in late July. It grows in bogs. Prepare jam or wine and frozen berries.
27. Chokeberry. Last decade of August - the end of September or after the first frost when fruits are different sweet taste. It grows in wet, sandy and loamy soils. Make jam, jam, jam.
28. Red rowan. September. Gather on forest margins. Make homemade wine, liqueurs and dried.
29. Cranberry. Were collected from August to September. Pine forests. Make jam, juice and frozen.
30. bramble. Mid-July. Gather in the damp forests, near the abandoned road. Cook juice, fruit compote, jams, liqueurs.
31. Red currant. berry crop kept pace in July, growing near rivers. Harvest jam, make wine.
32. Blackberry. August. Forest paths and glades. Make jam, stewed fruit and jam.
33. Prunus. End of July. It can be found on the edge of the forest or on the banks of rivers. Dry, used as a spice, make compotes.
34. Shiksha. It ripens in mid-August. It grows in bogs. Jam, jam.
35. Kalina. Gather in September. The banks of the rivers, the forest edge. Make juice, juice.
36. currants (Saskatoon). The fruits ripen in July. It grows near rivers and swamps. Make jam, jam.
37. bearberry. Gather in the early autumn. It prefers dry sandy soil and fresh. Dried.
38. Morel. Gather in the early autumn. Growing up in the woods and dense forests. Freeze.
39. Boletus edulis. From July to October. Gather in deciduous and coniferous forests. Marinate the dried.
Chanterelle 40.. June and September. Coniferous and mixed forests. Marinate the dried.
41. Chernogolovik. August and early September. Birch and mixed forests, damp places. Marinate the dried.
42. Mokhovikov. Harvest time - the beginning of July. Gather at the end of October. Softwoods, mixed forests, swamps. Marinate the dried.
43. Armillaria mellea. September. Growing up in the ravines, forest clearings in the trees. Marinate, dried, salted.
44. Lactarius. The end of July, and September. Deciduous and mixed forests. Marinate, salt.
45. The black mushrooms. August and September. It grows in the birch forests, on forest edges and...
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