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Vacuumizers and sous-vide technology

Let's start with a definition of what kind of su. This preparation products vakuumpakete previously evacuated air. The product may be marinated and prepared, usually in water at relatively high temperatures.
Why cook food in the package
Perhaps you ask the question, why the product so you can cook if you fry or cook? Of course you can, but this effect in the structure, juiciness and softness you will achieve. Cooking at low temperatures * 56C - 90C *, depending on the product, it contributes to the slow cooking and protein folding, and sometimes not curtail removing moisture from the product avoiding denaturation. The product is sealed in a vacuum package retains all essential oils, tannins concentration. In other words, the product remains fragrant and delicious. What happens when we cook the product? All the smell, taste and leaves in the water, we are losing the most valuable. Another advantage of the product cooking in a vacuum - marinated product has a maximum concentration of taste, and requires a minimal amount of spices.
To sum up the results of advantages
• Requires fewer spices and dressings to impart the desired flavor product range
• Cooking at low temperatures to prevent the formation of carcinogens. Therefore, we can safely say that this refers to the preparation of healthy technology.
• All the smell and the taste remains in the product.
• With a strong vakuumatsii can change the structure of the product.
• Shelf-life vacuum increases the shelf life of meat, fish and other products.
• Allows you to store the frozen primary processing of the product in the freezing without loss of quality. For example, boiled meat in sauce or broth.
What are Vacuumizers
On sale you can find the domestic tubeless vacuum packers for home use, and chamber vacuum packers professional type. The difference in operation principle and capacity significantly different. The quality of the work product that moment also affected in some cases by domestic degasser can not achieve a result that can be achieved in a professional.
Recipes in a vacuum
Chicken breast in a vacuum.
Chicken fillet pepper, drizzle with vegetable oil, put in a vacuum package. Add orange zest, thyme sprigs. Evacuate. Put in a container with water. Cook for an hour at a temperature of 70 ° C *. The result will surprise you.
 Ice cream from the sausage.
In the vacuum bag to pour the cream, add the slices of smoked sausage, vacuuming. Cooking at 56C * two hours. During this time, the cream absorbed the taste and smell of sausages. Strain, add the yolks to the cream, salt, spices. Next, prepare the technology. It can be cooled by liquid nitrogen or special equipment for making ice cream is best to use pakodzhet.
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