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Wizard of the samurai

Basis of Japanese cuisine - is the use of fresh, seasonal ingredients. Yoshihiro Narisava (Yoshihiro Narisawa) preparing their signature dishes, masterfully combining Japanese tradition and classic French techniques. Culinary Wizard of Samurai won the hearts of its guests and Michelin stars for his creativity and love to all natural, natural.
Dinner in his restaurant «Narisawa» - the most genuine gastronomic journey through the homeland of the cherry blossoms, familiarity with Japanese culture and customs. In addition to the amazing cuisine of the country chrysanthemums in Nirasava institution serves the best traditional Japanese wine.
Critics admit that Yoshihiro Narisava creates real magic in the kitchen. Even after becoming a "star" chef «Narisawa» he always goes out to his guests to find out their emotions and feelings.
The path to the stars"
Yoshihiro Narisava was born in 1969 in the Japanese prefecture of Aichi. When the young chef turned 19, he went to Europe to learn all the culinary wisdom of French, Italian, Swiss culinary wizards. In the land of the rising sun Nirasava returned only after 8 years. There he opened his first restaurant in Kanagawa province. Restaurant called "Odawara City" received harsh critical reviews and was not successful.
After moving in 2003 in Tokyo, having already significant knowledge and experience Nirasava opens a new restaurant. First, the name of the institution was «Les Creations de Narisawa», but the restaurant is named «Narisawa» in 2011. Since 2009 Nirasava property is approximately thirty of the world's best restaurants and has two "stars" from Michelin.
Nirasava Cuisine: Japanese woman with true French style
The entire interior of the restaurant and kitchen Yoshihiro Narisava imbued with the spirit of samurai harsh Japan. Discretion, kindness and simplicity - these are the characteristic features of his dishes.
Guests are offered to dine complex of ten dishes. Among them is bound to have fish and seafood (eg lobster sauce) and seasonal vegetables. Signature dish "Narisava" is considered to be fragrant soup called "Prayer". When feeding in the middle of a plate mounted lighted candles, which can be eaten.
The names of the dishes speak of love for nature and the chief of all natural - "The essence of the forest", "Awakening in the forest", "sea and land". Unusual effect gives his dishes edible earth, made of dried black olives. And in some dishes and added a real black soil. For example, in a soup mug. Seasonings Nirasava quite interesting dishes. Beef he seasons ash (from burned leek and sweet pepper).
But the most interesting thing, as do the bread in the restaurant. On the table in front of a guest put a ceramic bowl and a candle burning underneath. The container is put a special dough. The bread is baked right "in front of" visitor. And as part of a special yeast with maple syrup, Japanese cedar chips and chestnut flour.
At one of the competitions of cooking skill Yoshihiro Narisava shocked the audience when preparing carpaccio of deer. A piece of meat he "put" on the Japanese cedar branch after shook immediately removed cedar shavings, and all the traditional top-smeared paste "miso". Marinated in chips pulp was suspended in a cold place for 4 days and then was sliced ​​and served as a korpachcho. Meat Chef Serve with delicious scones that pitch to match your personal prescription.
• The first place among the 50 best Asian restaurants
• 2 Michelin stars
The energy of the earth
Yoshihiro Narisava real culinary philosopher. By blending French cuisine with the philosophy of Shun, it creates the perfect dish. Each season, the Japanese chef uses only those ingredients that match the season. It does so not only because it corresponds to the traditions of the country of mountains and volcanoes. Nirasava believes that the basis for his kitchen to serve as nature itself. Cooking, it adds to their food energy coming from the ground, and therefore receives a gastronomic masterpieces.
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