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Explosive caramel cookery

Cooking - is not only tasty, but also surprising. That is why more and more popular acquires molecular cuisine - it is sheer wonder and miracle, embodied in a restaurant dish.
Today we talk about molecular cuisine in particular to work with explosive caramel.
Explosive candy - what is it and why you need
This is one of the most popular textures molecular cuisine, which is used by both professional chefs and amateurs.
Explosive candy (original title popping sugar) is prepared by mixing small particles of sugar to carbon dioxide. Sugar particles surrounded by gas, holding it inside. When placed in the mouth sugar melts, releasing gas - and create a sizzle.
Origin supplements
Explosive caramel in 1956 inadvertently invented the American food chemist William Mitchell, who worked at General Foods Corporation. At that time, the invention no one seemed interesting. But now combined with the explosive caramel commonly used for creative cooking and baking.
Popping sugar dissolves when in contact with any aqueous liquid. It is also vulnerable to the effects of moisture, so the candy should be stored in a dry place. Contact with a fat or fatty food does not harm the additive, so that it can be used with the chocolate or goose liver.
Creative use of explosive caramel
This supplement is good to sprinkle any sweet dish: fruit, ice cream, sherbet and pastries before serving - or add some savory dishes to create unusual effervescent effect. With her great fun to do pastry: toffee, sweets or candies. Caramel with explosive liquids may also be mixed with low water content, such as melted chocolate or icing.
Simple recipes with explosive caramel
Strawberries dipped in chocolate
dark chocolate;
explosive caramel;
Cooking method:
Melt the chocolate over low heat.
Dip strawberries in chocolate.
Sprinkle sugar on top of the explosive.
Prawns in coconut flakes with explosive caramel
180g prawns (pre-defrost);
3 tbsp. l. unsweetened coconut flakes;
2 tbsp. l. explosive caramel;
1 h. L. sunflower oil;
3 tbsp. l. Thai sweet chili sauce;
1 tbsp. l. rice vinegar.
Cooking method:
Clean the shrimp and pat with paper towels.
Sauté over low heat coconut until golden brown, let cool.
Mix the chips with explosive caramel.
Fry the shrimp until cooked.
Mix the rice vinegar with Thai chilli and pour over shrimp.
Sprinkle with the coconut mixture.
Health Effects
In fact, the explosive caramel - it's sugar. And it affects the body in the same way as any other sugar - it is no medical contraindications.
Carbon dioxide is also not very useful, but in moderation will not bring harm. Of course, if you do not
It harms the body, if you do not use it too often.
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