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Modernist Cuisine

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Ingredients and Equipment 
You might be surprised to learn that although 
many people equate Modernist cooking with 
something akin to laboratory science, the majority 
of recipes here can be made with tools available in 
most standard kitchens. Even the recipes that 
involve sous vide techniques can be made without 
specialized gadgets; you can just use a simple pot 
on the stove and a thermometer (see page 2-240). 
At the other end of the spectrum are the recipes 
that do require a centrifuge, combi oven, freeze 
dryer, or other specialized tool. If you're interested 
in investing in such equipment, there are many 
places to find it, from eBay and other purveyors of 
secondhand equipment to scientific-equipment 
catalogs and a growing number of cooking stores. 
Very few kitchens on Earth have all the equip￾ment featured in this book (I know of only two: 
one at my house and another at our cooking lab). 
Our recipes were designed under the assumption 
that the optimal tools and equipment are on hand. 
If you don't have those tools at your disposal, those 
particular recipes will be more informational than 
practical, but they will still serve their purpose as 
an educational medium. Indeed, many recipes in 
cookbooks end up functioning primarily to 
provide information and inspiration. Not everyone 
who owns a copy of Auguste Escoffier's Le Guide 
Culinaire has made all his triple stocks and compli￾cated forcemeats, for example, but there remains 
great instructional value in seeing his examples 
and reading the recipes. 
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