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Ika tempura maki with chukoy


Squid carcass 26gr.
Cucumber 15g.
Cream Cheese 14gr.
Nori 1pc.
Figure 25g.
frying oil
Crackers 11gr.
Rice vinegar 6gr.
Sugar 4gr.
Sol 2g.
Chuka 44gr.
3g Sauce Cherry


Rice rinse well. Boil in rice cooker with the addition of salt. Mix with sugar, vinegar. Kalmar clean, remove the tape. Boil for a few minutes, cut. On nori rice lay out, turn to the other side to put the squid, cucumber, cheese. Roll with the help of the mat. Breaded. Fry. Cut into 6 pieces, top with Chuka seaweed. Decorate.
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