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Pork cutlets with pshёnnoy porridge, sauerkraut and vinaigrette.


Millet porridge 50g. Pork cutlets 60gr. 10g smoked pork belly. Onion 10g. Vinaigrette 40gr. Sauerkraut 40gr. Mayonnaise 5g.


We can assume this job propaganda of Russian cuisine. Product to which we are accustomed in the new filing, on a new series of premium cookware «black ghost». Pork chops I do on the basis of ham - it is not expensive and is well suited for stuffing. Add chicken fillet with skin, white bread, onions. Ground should get a little liquid, then chops are juicy and delicious. Paneer in a mixture of flour and rye crackers. Need to fry frying pan. Recipe millet porridge, cereal cover with cold water, add salt. Cook over medium heat. Put in a silicone mold. Smoked pork breast and diced onion and fry. Put on top of pudding. Sauerkraut season with raisins, cranberries, onions, sunflower oil is not refined.
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