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Chocolate pancakes with Apple jam and cinnamon


Pancake batter with chocolate
Apple jam
Fresh berries
Apple chips
Then if
Black currant balsamic cream
chocolate pancake recipe

Recipe pancake dough I wrote already in past prescription. 
Apple confit. Peel and seed the apples are Granny Smith. Cubes. Add sugar. cinnamon, white wine. Bring to boil. Unparliamentary. Perform heating and cooling several times. 
Apple chips. Apple thinly cut, dry sprinkle with powdered sugar.
Balsamic cream on black currants. The recipe is already written here will complement. When fermenting, I recommend using special containers with a hydraulic seal. Sugar should ferment all. In currants, with a good harvest, the natural content of 15-20 g\DM. when evaporating, the sugar will need to be added to the taste. Incredibly bright taste is obtained at the output.
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