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Roman Trusov
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Trio of green tea jelly, sea buckthorn and blueberries with cherry sauce.


Ice Cream "green tea" 50g.
Ice Cream "buckthorn" 50g.
Ice Cream "Blueberry" 50g.
Cherry sauce 60gr.
Mascarpone cheese 60g.
Caramel 15g.
Apple 60gr.
Sugar 60g.
Gelatin 10g.
Mikrozelen, flowers, gold leaf.


Ice cream to melt, enter a pre-soaked gelatine, pour in silicone molds. Apple cut into rings 7mm thick, cored, simmered in sugar syrup until tender by vacuum. Cherry juice is evaporated until the desired consistency of the sauce. Mascarpone cheese pastry bag to squeeze out.
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