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Roman Trusov
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Panna Cotta with broccoli and yellow paprika with octopus carpaccio.


Yellow paprika 30g.
Broccoli 30g.
33% Cream 40g.
Gelatin 5g.
Octopus 30g.
Cucumber 20g.
Balsamic cream 2g.
5 mixture of peppers, salt, nutmeg, star anise


Paprika bake, peel and seeds, bring to taste with salt, a mixture of five peppers, add a piece of gelatin, pour into the mold. Bring to a boil cream with Dittany, add nutmeg, salt, pepper mixture 5, gelatin. Pour the second layer in chilled form. Boil broccoli steamed chop with cream, bring to taste with salt and pepper. Add gelatin, pour a third layer. Boil the octopus, cut into thin slicer on. Cucumber clean from skin, remove the middle part of the seed. Cut into thin strips. Garnish with balsamic cream.
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