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Roman Trusov
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Salad with crab sticks and pickled radish


Crab Sticks 14gr.
Corn 9gr.
Mayonnaise 16gr.
Figure 24 c.
Dill 5g.
Egg 17gr.
Radish black 24gr.
Ginger 11gr.
Lemon 13gr.
Honey 15g.
Vegetable oil 22gr.
Popcorn 2 pcs.
Blueberries 22gr.
Soy lecithin 2g.
Starch 5g.
Radish 5g.
Sol 2g.
Frying oil, mikrozelen


Boil the rice, mix with sliced crab sticks, shredding dill, boiled egg, mayonnaise, maize. Radish cut into slices, marinated with ginger, lemon, honey, butter. Put through the ring, with salad. Part grind corn starch into a paste by smearing a thin layer of a silicone mat. Dry at 70 ° C *, then fry in deep fat. The juice frozen blueberries to add lecithin, whipped into foam. Garnish with popcorn, slice radishes, mikrozelenyu.
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