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Tartar of tuna and salmon


salmon 30gr.
tuna 39gr.
dill 2gr.
soy sauce 10gr.
wasabi 2gr.
lemon 10gr.
lemon Butter 6gr.
Oil with cuttlefish ink 8gr.
bread 10gr.
chili 1gr.
Aspic cream sauce 10gr.
Aspic with cuttlefish ink 10gr.

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Lemon butter (semi-prepared product):  Beat butter. Dissolve salt in lemon juice. Add it to butter together with pepper. Fill pans with butter. Freeze it. Extract.
Butter 0.94 kg.
Mineral salt 0.01 kg.
Lemon 0.07 kg.
White ground pepper 0.002 kg.
Butter with cuttlefish ink (semi-prepared product): Beat butter. Chop and grind cuttlefish ink, soy sauce, garlic, lemon juice, dill sprigs to a smooth paste. Add it to butter. Fill pans. Freeze it. Extract.
Butter 0.93 kg.
Cuttlefish ink 0.02 kg.
Soy sauce 0.02 kg.
Garlic 0.02 kg.
Lemon 0.05 kg.
 Dill 0.03 kg.
Aspic with cuttlefish ink (semi-prepared product): Soak gelatin in cold water. Add all ingredients to warm boiled water. Pour out onto a silicone mat. Cut it using a shaped cutter.
 Cuttlefish ink 0.008 kg.
Gelatin 0.015 kg.
Hondashi 0.003 kg.
Soy sauce 0.005 kg.
Tabasco sauce 0.001 kg.
Aspic with cream sauce (semi-prepared product): Cut onions in rings, quickly bake them on a hot frying pan, simmer in wine. Add boiled water, Hondashi pepper, cream. Strain the mixture. Add gelatin soaked beforehand. Pour out onto a silicone mat. Cut it using a shaped cutter.
 Leek 0.020 kg.
White wine 0.020 л.
Cream 38% 0.040 kg.
Hondashi 0.003 kg.
White ground pepper 0.001 kg.
Gelatin 0.015 kg.
Dish service:
Salmon with tuna, tartar cold cuts, dress with soy sauce, lemon juice and wasabi. Leave it for 5 minutes to marinate. Cut bread according to template, fry in lemon butter on small fire. Spread tuna, dill, salmon in layers into pan, cover it with aspic organized as a chess board. Coat bread with spices of smoked chili, spread pieces of marinated tuna. Powder with ground smoked chili according to template. Put butter figures. For all semi-prepared products the dish count is made for kg. Output weight is 120 g.

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