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Croquettes chanterelle with turkey pate


Croquettes chanterelle 45 gr.
Pate 40gr turkey.
Sauce Cheese 60gr.
Flowers, greens


Pour sauce, put knelku of pate, croquettes. Decorate.
Croquettes chanterelle. Mushrooms fry in vegetable oil with onions and garlic, bring to taste. Put in a silicone mold, freeze. Breaded in flour, lezone, breadcrumbs (double breading). To freeze. Fry in deep fat.
Terrine of turkey. Liver fry with onions, carrots, bring to taste, minced with butter.
Cheese sauce. Vegetables, potatoes, bell pepper, onion, boiled in chicken broth until tender, add cheese amber, grind in blender. In the resulting mass add the cream and bring to taste. Strain through a sieve.
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