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Pozharsky cutlet with buckwheat and cream


Pozharsky cutlet 100g.
Buckwheat boiled 100g.
Truffle cream 20g.
Bow Green 2g.
Radish 2g.
Green peas 1g.
Vegetable oil


A ring lay buckwheat, top fried in lots of butter patty, otsadit cream. Decorate.
Buckwheat boiled. Buckwheat podsolёnnoy boil in water. Onions fried in vegetable oil, add the boiled buckwheat, pepper, add the butter.
Pozharsky cutlet. Chicken fillet chop in Cooter with egg, cream, salt, pepper. Cool. Add butter, grated on a coarse grater. Mix. Bread, cut into cubes, breaded cutlet in it.
Cream truffle. The siphon fill the cream and butter, N2O gas.
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