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Duck breast fillet with pear in wine tomlёnoy.


Duck fillet 85g. Pear in wine p / p 140gr. Red currant 5g. Balsamic cream 2g. Pepper rose 1g. Confit of venison with cranberries 50g. Salt, pepper, mikrozelen


Duck fillet single piece of salt, pepper and fry on the grill, cook until ready in the oven. Pear clean, evacuate with white wine, nutmeg, pepper rose. Boil in a vacuum 2-4min. Recipe confit of wild game. From the bones of poultry (quail, duck) to cook meat sauce, by uvarki, demi glace technology. Bone, carrots, onion bake in the oven at 250C * 5-7min. Cooking. Evaporate 50% strain. Add dry red wine. Evaporated to the consistency of the sauce. In the prepared sauce to add an apple, cranberries. Decorate the finished dish with a sprig of red currant.
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