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Four cheese risotto.


Rice for risotto 30 oz.  Dry white wine 60 oz.  Sea salt 2 c.  A mixture of 5 peppers 1 oz.Butter 10 g.Cheese «Grana Padano» 3 oz.  Onions 15 gr.  Garlic 5 g.  Thyme 1 oz.  Vegetable oil 20 oz.Gorgonzola - 7gr.  Camembert cheese - 10g.Cream 33% - 20g.Mozzarella Cheese - 20 oz.Black Salt - 1 g.Balsamic cream - 1 g.Watercress salad - 1g.Flowers - 1g.
Onion into small cubes and fry in vegetable oil with thyme butter, add the garlic. I first crush garlic with a knife, then I cut. The fire must be small, as the onions begin reddening slightly, add the rice. Slightly fry the rice has absorbed rich thyme and garlic butter. Add small portions of wine. Bring the cream to taste. After tighten cube of butter.
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