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Sponge cake with cream


Egg 4 pcs.
200g sugar.
baking powder 2g.
200g flour.
200g cream.
raspberry jam 100g.
powder blackcurrant
Sponge cake recipe
Sponge cake recipe
Biscuit. Protein shake up with sugar, add the yolks, flour and baking powder. Bake at 180 ° C *. Break into pieces ready biscuit, jam and season with sour cream. The mixture was compacted in a silicone mold, freeze. Take the cake, cover with glaze. Edges sprinkled with powdered blackcurrant.
Glaze. Heat 150g. glucose, 150g. sugar, 75gr. water. The heated mass add condensed milk 100g, 150g chocolate 10g gelatin. Grind blender. Leave in the refrigerator for 15 hours. Before use, remove the foam, a little warm.
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