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Creamy mascarpone parfait with crunchy meringue and blackberry coal.


Butter 15g mascarpone parfait.Red Currant 4g.Watercress salad 1g.Meringue 3g.Flowers 1pc.Caramel 1g.Blackberry coal leafThe land of the blueberry 5g.1g balsamic cream.
Butter parfait. This will require the egg yolks with sugar until white, whites beaten at the end of a thin stream to enter the caramel. Add mascarpone cheese. Smudge on silicone forms. Chill.Merengue. Beat the egg whites with the sugar. Using a pastry bag to squeeze the silicone mat. Bake at 130 * C for 40 minutes.Caramel. I always do on the eye. Sugar 100g. 70g water. Put on high heat. Remove when the color of caramel. Catch desired consistency upon cooling. Wound on Musat.Blackberry coal. 1 egg, 30g. sugar, concentrated blackberry fresh little steamed. Stir in the sifted flour until the consistency of sour cream. Cook in a punctured paper cup in the microwave. Remove from the cup. Dried at a temperature of 60 * C for one hour.Land of blueberries. Baked biscuit crushed into crumbs. Season with blueberry jam. If necessary, and dry milled again.
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