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Carp mousse with vegetable vinaigrette


Mousse of carp
Turmeric chips
Vegetable vinaigrette
Berry powder
Baked Apple espuma
Cold aroma smoke
Mousse of carp.
Carp fillet without skin, cut into small slices and soak in a dressing of: soy sauce. rice vinegar, sesame oil, lemon juice, lemon zest, mirin, chili pepper. Marinate for at least three hours. The gas station is to dissolve the small bones. Pasteurize for an hour at 60C*. Grind in a cutter until smooth.
Turmeric chips.
Rice kruglozerny, fill with water, boil until tender. Add the turmeric and grind until smooth. Spread a thin layer on the silicone Mat. Dry at room temperature or in the oven at 60C*. Break into pieces of 5 cm. Fry in a very hot deep-fry.
Vegetable vinaigrette.
Fresh vacuumed cucumber with lemon juice and salt, fresh Apple, pickled lettuce, celery stalk. Cut everything into 4mm cubes and season with chili oil.
Berry powder.
Black currant, raspberry. Chop and dry on a silicone Mat at 70C*. Grind in a coffee grinder.
Baked Apple espuma.
Remove the middle from the apples. Bake at 160C* until ready. Grind in a cutter until smooth. Bring to taste with ginger and honey. To transplant through the siphon.
Cold aroma smoke.
Verbena oil, warm wet stones, liquid nitrogen.
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