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Hash for homemade yogurt and fizzy lemon.


Doctor's sausage 10 g.Carrots 10 g.Potatoes 10 g.Eggs 10 g.Cucumber 10 g.Green onion 3 oz.Red onion 10 gr.Kefir 70 gr.Vitamin C 1 oz.Paper 2 grams of blueberries.Carrot Chips 1 oz.Lolo rosso 2 gr.Mikrozelen 1 oz.Flowers 1 oz.
Hash for homemade yogurt and fizzy lemon.
Hash for homemade yogurt and fizzy lemon.
Yogurt made from goat milk. Kefir fungus and goat's milk. The subtlety lies in the recipe temperature and timing. Number of time required for the reaction depends on the ratio of milk and fungus. The first half of the time infused yogurt and fermented at room temperature until the cap of the fungus does not rise up. The second half of the time in the refrigerator is yogurt. Then strain. If you overdo it, and yogurt is a concentrated acid, which subsequently affect the taste. I take my young kefir, when he felt a gentle and fermentation reaction. Vegetables on a hodgepodge made, as elsewhere. I will not describe this process.The paper in the blueberries. From blueberries to make jam. Grind until smooth. Smear a thin layer of silicone on the mat. Dry at 70 ° C *. Remove, cut with scissors. Hide in a bag. Pour in a bag of sparkling crushed tablet of vitamin C. In the future, when interacting with yogurt will response that will add a special piece to this dish.Carrot chips. Carrot wrap the thread to the form. Dry at 70 ° C.The bulk of yogurt served in a milkman for the client. Liquid nitrogen is a little added effect of the supply and makes the dish truly summer.
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