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Noodle soup with RAPAN


Paprika soup 100 gr.
RAPAN su view 40gr.
Smoked cheese chips 10g.
Flowers, micro-greenery.
Soup of paprika.
Bake the bell pepper in the oven at 180C* until ready, then smoke a little at the end. Remove the skin, remove the seeds, and grind in a bar blender with tomato consomme. Bring to taste with tomato salt (you can buy at @food_fish_ka), chili. 
RAPAN su vid.
Vacuum the RAPAN fillet with butter, soy sauce, fresh five peppers. Cook at 60C* 10 minutes. 
Smoked cheese chips.
Smoked cheese pigtail disassemble into thin threads. Dry in the hemispheres of a silicone Mat. 
Decorate with dried lilac flowers, micro-greenery, pansies.
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