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Marinated black radish with pineapple and cream


Black radish marinated 15g.
frying oil
Pineapple stock 60gr.
Cream with the flavor 5g rose.
Beans cons. 11gr.
Flowers, mikrozelen


Slice radishes with beans to put in a circle. Pineapple fried in deep fat, cut, put in the middle. Otsadit cream, decorate chipsovanym rose petals, mikrozelenyu.
Pineapple fries. Pineapple breaded with flour, lezone, breadcrumbs.
Cream with the scent of roses. Cream and a drop of essential oil of damask rose pour into the siphon, screw Balon N2O gas.
Black radish marinated. Radish cut slice, blanch, marinated with honey, lemon, ginger. A little vegetable oil and salt.
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