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11/05/2017 8:19

Always progressive, interested in new chips and technologies, to communicate in the International Alliance Povarskoy

Evolve, comprehend and communicate with new colleagues - part of the professional life of a chef. Why and how the time to learn about technological innovations and culinary trends? Where to look for new pieces? What successful chief learning? Where better to communicate with colleagues?
10/05/2017 8:26

Chef Zaoui Hasegawa

The chef of the famous Japanese restaurant Den loved cooking as a child. Working together with his mother and honing skills on their own, at the age of 29 years old chef has opened his own restaurant
08/05/2017 9:10

Chef Christopher Kostoev

Christopher Kostoev - second chef from the US and the third youngest chef ever honored with awards in three stars by the Michelin gastronomy guide. What is the secret of success of the chef The Restaurantat Meadowood?
07/05/2017 9:21

Bearberry: properties and recipes

Bearberry - irreplaceable berry in various diseases of the genitourinary system. Berry is actively used in folk medicine and cooking. What can you make of bearberry?
06/05/2017 8:15

The game on the flight always effective

I continue to publish kitchen rules - is a series of chef tips to help in the organization of the working process, to put himself right in front of investors and staff. This is my personal point of view, which I share with colleagues. Some may not agree with what the paragraphs, but here it is necessary to understand that the concept and organization of the process are different everywhere, and perhaps what that advice is not possible to implement in certain situations.
05/05/2017 12:16

Leptin: description and norm in the body

Leptin - a hormone that is released by adipose tissue. It is responsible for controlling hunger and energy processes in humans. Leptin also affects the immune and central nervous systems.
04/05/2017 11:38

Chef David Breeden

David Breeden - Chef of the famous American restaurant The French Laundry. It was he who raised institution Thomas Keller at a high level and won the trust of customers.
03/05/2017 12:19

Chef James Lowe

James has not dreamed of becoming a chef since childhood as many other well-known chefs. Early in his career he worked part time as a waiter, but this did not prevent him from becoming a skilled and recognizable culinary and restaurant owner Lyle`s.
02/05/2017 12:12

Currants (Saskatoon): properties and recipes

Currants (Saskatoon) - shrub or small tree with tasty and healthy fruit. It has long been irgi berries were used in folk medicine and cooking. Where to pick berries and that can be cooked out of it?
01/05/2017 12:45

Dopamine: description and norm in the body

Dopamine - the hormone of happiness and joy. It is produced by cells in the brain during pleasure. Raise the contents of dopamine in the body by using certain products.
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