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26/04/2017 12:39

Melatonin: description and norm in the body

Melatonin - one of the most important hormones. It regulates the circadian rhythm and is involved in many bodily functions. The deviation from the norm is accompanied by various diseases.
25/04/2017 11:04

Do not neglect the importance of moyschitsy

I continue to publish kitchen rules - is a series of chef tips to help in the organization of the working process, to put himself right in front of investors and staff. This is my personal point of view, which I share with colleagues. Some may not agree with what the paragraphs, but here it is necessary to understand that the concept and organization of the process are different everywhere, and perhaps what that advice is not possible to implement in certain situations.
24/04/2017 11:46

Chef Mitsuharu Tsumura

The Peruvian restaurant "Welcome!" Chef Mike. Surprisingly, this is true. Hereditary Mitsuharu Tsumura chef and his amazing «MAIDO». Ceviche of Abalone and ribs, which must be prepared 50 hours. Kitchen "Nikkei" and philosophical views of the Japanese Peruvian, chief Mitsuharu Tsumura.
22/04/2017 10:20

Chef Rafa Costa e Silva

Rafa Costa - Chef Lasai restaurant, known throughout Brazil. What is the secret of the success of the chief, as the beginning of his career and what his personal philosophy?
21/04/2017 7:31

Serotonin: description and norm in the body

The hormone serotonin - a substance that regulates the emotional sphere. At high concentrations of the hormone a person feels happiness, joy and euphoria. Deviations from the norm can be accompanied by severe depression and other illnesses.
20/04/2017 10:41

Shiksha: properties and recipes

Shiksha - a unique berry contains a lot of useful body substances. Where can I find a berry and how to collect it? What can you make of siksa?
18/04/2017 11:55

Chef David Kinch

David Kinch - eminent American chef who treats its visitors real masterpieces California cuisine. The chef has its own restaurant, a well-known across America
17/04/2017 10:17

Chef Sven Elverfeld

Chef Sven Elverfeld achieved wide fame and recognition thanks to the attention to detail, sense of taste and intuition. His restaurant Aqua was awarded three stars Michelin rated restaurant known
16/04/2017 11:23

Jorge Vallejo

The famous restaurant «Quintonil» in Mexico City? Egg dishes insects and chief preferring "ethical kitchen." Jorge Vallejo prepares rare spices and products from the kitchen garden. He swam in the sea, and now dreams in the culinary theme, flying around the world. And what's interesting in its own suitcase? Ant eggs, or simply figure from Mexico.
15/04/2017 10:32

Testosterone: description and norm in the body

The hormone testosterone is formed in the testes or ovaries. The hormone regulates the appearance of sexual characteristics in men and breast development in women. Deviations from the norm are accompanied by a variety of hormonal changes and diseases.
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