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Roman Trusov
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salads and cold appetizers


Jellied beef with feta cheese and mustard

Standard dishes Russian feast.

Chicken ice cream with cream cheese frosting in a beech

During the creative impulses and experiments unexpectedly discovered new and unusual taste. Chicken ice cream! In the submission I decided to get away from the banal ball.

Mousse of steam chicken breast with cream of green peas, cherry tomatoes and lemon-garlic gel.

Familiar taste good, good design, interesting technology. In my opinion, the dish turned out.

Chicken steamed with goat cheese and cherry tomatoes.

wanted to call this dish is easy. Thus, there was a contrast of simple and complex. At first glance, the usual products that are used almost daily. The focus is primarily on the harmony of taste. I would say this dish is perfect for flavoring scheme. The technological process is quite interesting. Finally, the French style of presentation, the elegance of fine strokes.

Pate de foie gras with seasonal berries.

Dish for lovers of duck liver. Continuing a series of berry special offers.

Sandwich with chicken roulade and pickled red onions.

Beat filing sandwich. In my opinion, turned out interesting.
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