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Tiramisu with chocolate cheese sauce.

The classic recipe for tiramisu in a nonclassical flow. Interesting taste salty solution with light tones of gorgonzola and fresh strawberries. My guests walk up to me on this dessert.

Cherry Parfait with blueberry and vanilla sand pesto. Served with tea souffle.

Interesting harmony of taste, technology, supply. It is on these lines I do stress in their dishes.

Blueberry-mint sorbet with mint smoke.

The spectacular dish in all respects.

Green tea with cherry jelly and vanilla pesto.

Taste buds cleansing green tea in the form of a ball. Game of tastes, sour cherries with vanilla and sweet pesto. Probably, and all I wanted to show in this recipe.

Chocolate mousse with gorgonzola in the flakes of dried prunes.

Interesting game tastes. Dark chocolate and blue cheese. The idea of ​​breading of this sauce was born, my pastry chef Lily. After that I beat this combination in a separate dish.

Creamy mascarpone parfait with crunchy meringue and blackberry coal.

This, at first glance, a small dish I want to show technology. Create fine lines and conventional structures.

Cheesecake with peach.

Served with freshly ground coffee and strawberries.

Buckthorn pudding with strawberry jelly.

Accompanied by a sweet topping and mikrozeleni.

Mango dessert with pumpkin mousse and segments sweetie.

Served with honey, pine nuts and pasta from the Crimean port.
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