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Tartlets with caviar and spicy oil

A simple and popular appetizer in any Banquet or buffet. Great for cold vodka.

Compliment of cream of mushroom soup

Free compliment your restaurant guests not only lift your spirits, but also give the opportunity to taste this dish.

Crispy cream cheese with dried cherries and honey

A very simple and cheap recipe. Dried cherries can be made in advance and stored for a long time.

Crunchy carrot mousse birds

One of my favorite snacks for beer in terms of technology, is perfect as an additional side dish to the main course.

Terrine of catfish

Catfish traditional Russian product, tender meat need to be able to cook gently. In this recipe, feed version of this wonderful product to beer.

Beetroot "Severen" with sprats, crispy carp and garlic cream

Severen - is the name of the form in which beet is formed. The dish is well suited for a snack spirits.

Nuggets of pike with tartar sauce and seaweed

Pike - our native, Russian product with the bones, but the budget. What can you cook from it for beer? Nuggets. A simple and inexpensive recipe for beer.

Mozzarella fries with peach and millet

Cheese, millet and canned peach, everything is very simple and extraordinarily delicious. Try it yourself.

Chicken breast in a crispy crust with a dressing of celery and orange

White meat poultry especially delicately combined with celery and orange. Great choice for buffet and a compliment from the chef.

Baked apple crisp with cream "patiser"

Soft and tender texture roast is the apple in crispy shell. Great for a buffet or banquet.
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